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Lincoln Efford Memorial Lecture notes

This annual lecture invites thought leaders to tackle important social topics as a memorial to Lincoln Efford, a stalwart of the Canterbury WEA and a prominent figure in the New Zealand peace movement.

2009: A blueprint for the future, Peter Williams QC

Course resources

Sustainability Part 1, Colin Meurk

Sustainability series 

Creative transitions to sustainable futures

Creative transitions, bibliography

Pushing a new paradigm, ecology

Pushing a new paradigm, social

Sustainability Part 2, Colin Meurk

Session 1 – Introduction and Ecological Sustainability

Session 2 – Sociological Sustainability

Session 3 – Economic Sustainability 


Soap Box with Craig Anderson

Lecture notes from a talk on population, food consumption, and waste.

Centennial address by Gary Moore

Lecture notes from an address celebrating the Centennial of WEA.

Podcasts of WEA lectures

Listen to WEA lectures on political and social topics, recorded as podcasts in collaboration with PlainsFM.