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Lincoln Efford Memorial Lecture 2019: Conflict, Activism and the Climate Crisis

Many thanks to everyone who attended and contributed to the lively discussion! Notes from Richard Jackson can be accessed here:

Lincoln Efford Lecture – CWEA – October 2019.docx

Notes from the second sustainability course with Colin Meurk.

Many thanks to everyone who came and contributed to this fascinating look at how we transition to a sustainable future. Please see the links below for the notes of the different sessions.

AnjaSustainability Series2019.pdf

BiblioCreative Transitions to Sustainable Futures.docx

Creative Transitions to Sustainable FuturesSummary.docx

GeneralIntroInstigating a New ParadigmIntro&Ecology2019.pdf

Pushing a New ParadigmSocialCultural2019.pdf

Soap Box: Can we feed 10billion+ people AND save the planet? with Craig Anderson

This fascinating talk looked at population trends, assumptions and food consumption and waste – for some eye opening stats and links to some great video clips check out the lecture notes here.

Lincoln Efford Memorial Lecture 2018 – The Moral and Fiscal Failure of Prisons by Dr Ian Lambie

Many thanks to Dr Ian Lambie for his fascinating and eye opening address. You can access the lecture as a podcast courtesy of Plains FM here.

Dr Ian Lambie has provided copies of his papers that were referred to in the lecture here:



Notes from the Sustainability Course with Dr Colin Meurk

3 nights of discussion “Investigating a new paradigm for “creative transitions to sustainable futures across all the well beings – Ecological, sociological and Economic”.

Session 1 – Introduction and Ecological Sustainability Course CWEA 2018. Instigating a New Paradigm. Session 1. Introduction and Ecology ..pdf

Session 2 – Sociological. Sustainability Course CWEA 2018. Instigating a New Paradigm. Session 2 Socio-Cultural Dimensions..pdf

Session 3 – Economic. Sustainability Course CWEA 2018. Instigating a New Paradigm. Session 3. Economics.pdf

Lincoln Efford Memorial Lecture 2016. Thursday 22nd September at 7pm 

Russel Norman, current Head of Greenpeace NZ and previously co leader of the NZ Green Party.

Two existential threats to human civilization

There are currently two great existential threats facing our civilization – climate change and nuclear weapons. While avoiding catastrophic climate change is challenging, there is at least now a clear path ahead of us and globally we have started to take a few tentative steps down that path. Avoiding nuclear war is perhaps less hopeful. Currently there is a significant escalation in the risk of nuclear war, largely without much public attention. And we have currently no realistic path for reducing the risk.

Centennial Address By Garry Moore. March 7th 2015

Lincoln Efford Memorial Lecture 2014. The Costs of violence – Benefits of Peace Kevin Clements.

Lincoln Efford Memorial Lecture 2013.  Judy McGregor

Lincoln Efford memorial Lecture 2012. Jane Kelsey. Could Greece or Iceland happen here and what would we do?’

Lincoln Efford Memorial Lecture 2009.  Peter Williams QC

Lincoln Efford Memorial Lecture 2010 John Peet

Lincoln Efford Memorial Lecture 2011.  Jeanette Fitzsimons

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