Saturday 22nd June 1.30-5pm


There is nothing like a new lipstick to make you feel like your day just got a little bit better. What’s more, this lipstick will be moisturising, and contain lip safe mineral oxide and mica pigments. You need to bring along a used lipstick casing for this class, and we will mold and refill it with new lipstick. The interior seat of the lipstick casing must measure 13mm across - this is a standard size. You get to choose the colour out of a range of tested nude, pink, to red shades. I think there's no need to create packaging waste, when you can utilize a perfectly designed tube, saving resources that would normally be discarded. If you don’t have one I will have cardboard options available to purchase for $3 (cash only).

There are two downtime points in this class while we wait for melting and setting (aside from taking turns to use measuring equipment along the way). At these points I will share information on different kinds of pigments, while we share a cuppa (Instant Coffee, English Breakfast, and herbal options available).