BEGINNERS TE REO: VISIT REHUA MARAE - Mike Davey. Please contact us to register.

Starts 15th September, 1-2.30/4pm, 2 Thursdays $31


NOTE: This course is for those who have attended a course in Beginner Te Reo or on Understanding the Treaty. Limited to 20 people.  Your registration will be confirmed once we can verify that you have met the pre-requisites noted above. 

The first session will be at the WEA and Mike will prepare us for our visit to Rehua Marae the following week.  He will teach us about the pōwhiri process, a waiata and other customs and vocabulary for us to use at the Marae. The pōwhiri or ritual of encountering has been performed by Māori for many generations. Although initially used to determine whether visitors were friends or foe, pōwhiri today are utilised to welcome all visitors from royalty to school groups to a marae or place. After this official welcoming we will share afternoon tea and there will be a chance to hear from some of the Kaumātua (elders) about the history of the Marae. 

Please note the fee includes a contribution to the cost of our visit as well as afternoon tea.  Let us know if you would like to ride share to the Marae on the 22nd September.