FIND OUT ABOUT - Kairos: Stuart Enoor, Embalmer: Olivier Martyn & Living Wage Nathaniel Herz-Edinger

Starts Friday 12th August, 1-2pm


Ever wondered what’s behind a job title? Or what work is undertaken by some of the large organisations whose names are familiar to us? Our world is shaped by so many forces both governmental and non-governmental. This series aims to shed light on these with a range of interesting speakers from different sectors and institutions that shape our world.



12th August:      Kairos Food Rescue: The South Island’s First Free Store – Stuart Enoor

Discover what a free store is and hear about the hundreds of tons of food that Kairos save and distribute to families in need

26th August:      A Day in the Life of an Embalmer – Olivier Martyn

Find out about the often unspoken of work of embalmer and local funeral director Olivier and the deep honour and respect given to this important if unusual role.

2nd September: The Living Wage Movement: and Why We Need It Now More Than Ever – Nathaniel Herz-Edinger

                        Skyrocketing cost of living, rising inequality, housing inequity: just some of the reasons we need a living wage. 

Please bring your non-perishable food donation with you on the 12th August.