Starts 4th November, 10am – 12noon, 6 Fridays, $64


Join Linda Hart for this six week course. This course is about learning how to use tools to best effect and to collect a toolbox of skills and techniques that will equip you, the artist, to maximize your individual talent. As a course, it is suitable for both experienced painters/artists and newbies alike. Each session in Term four will be prefaced by showing examples of paintings in order to explore what techniques have been used to gain particular effects. It is an exercise aimed at giving students some understanding of the sort of tools available to include in their personal repertoires. An example of one area of interest will be the use of 'contra jour' for effect, showing how a series of different artists, throughout history, have used light and absence of light to create drama. It is a cunning device which allows the artist to manipulate extreme contrasts by highlighting edges and volumes. Contra jour is a bit 'magician-like' in that it allows artists to pull things out of the shadows and subsume others in shadow so they become a liminal presence.


Please bring a good quality sketch block and pencils, all other materials provided. Linda Hart has many years of experience in teaching, making and studying art and loves to support artists of any level with the next steps of their own artistic journey. Please note there will be no class on 11th November as it is Canterbury Show Day.