Starts 20th May, 1-2pm, 3 Fridays, $15


Ever wondered what some of the different government departments do? Or what work is undertaken by some of the large organisations whose names are familiar to us? Our world is shaped by so many forces both governmental and non-governmental. This series aims to shed light on these with a range of interesting speakers from different departments and institutions that shape our world.

20th May              JOURNALISM IN THE AGE OF MISINFORMATION – Kamala Hayman

Join Kamala Hayman, Editor of the Press, for a behind the scenes look at being a journalist in today’s environment and how we can start to combat the rise of misinformation and distrust in the media.

27th May              HABITAT FOR HUMANITY – Stephen Roach

Join Habitat for Humanity’s General Manager, Stephen Roach for a look at their work: building hope through building homes. Stephen says that their vision is that everyone in the world deserves a decent place to live, as a decent home is a foundation for a better life. Find out about how their progressive home ownership programme is offering people hand ups rather than hand outs.

3rd June               BE SAFE, FEEL SAFE: NZ POLICE – Inspector John Robinson

Join Inspector John Robinson (a member of the Police for over 37 yrs) for a real inside look at all things Police. He says: “ I have been fortunate to have experienced many different roles from being a Youth Aid Officer to my current position as a Shift Commander, and most things in-between! This presentation will look at everything Police related from the funny to the sad. It will also be an opportunity for you to ask me anything – and I promise I will do my best to answer!”.

Starts 20th May, 1-2pm, 3 Fridays,  $15