Starts 1st April, 12-1, 2 Fridays, $11


Ever wondered what some of the different government departments do? Or what work is undertaken by some of the large organisations whose names are familiar to us? Our world is shaped by so many forces both governmental and non-governmental. This series aims to shed light on these with a range of interesting speakers from different departments and institutions that shape our world. 


1st April - THE NEW ZEALAND CENSUS 2023– Paula O’Neil

The Census is the official count of how many people and dwellings we have across Aotearoa. It provides a snapshot of our society at a point in time and helps to tell the story of our social and economic change. The Census information is used by government agencies, local authorities, businesses, community organisations, and the public for developing and implementing new policies, research, planning, and decision-making.  Come and hear from Paula O’Neil National Operations Manager, 2023 Census (Kaiwhakahaere ā-Waho ā-Motu), about how they plan for such an event, what goes on behind the scenes and how the data is used.




8th April - No Pay, Long Days, Probably Danger, Seasickness Likely! – Cheryl Moffat

Coastguard is a charity, powered by volunteers.  And every day all around New Zealand, these volunteers answer the call to keep Kiwis safe at sea.  They give their time, care, commitment and courage – and ask nothing in return.  Cheryl Moffat, Coastguard (New Zealand Regional Manager Southern) will outline what it takes to be a rescue vessel volunteer, the training, and what Coastguard does to support and recognise their volunteers.