YOGA NIDRA at New Brighton - Jennifer O'Neil

Starts 4th August, 10-11.30am, 8 Thursdays, $53


Yoga Nidra is deeply relaxing to the body, it progressively releases deeply held tensions in the body, breath and mind. It’s a fantastic practice for anyone with a busy mind, if you’re having trouble sleeping or for anyone seeking a lighter way of being. Yoga Nidra practice allows your body to relax while your mind stays actively alert, leaving you refreshed and centred.

Also incorporated is Pranayama breathing & some gentle yoga aimed to awaken the body for this deep relaxation - Yoga Nidra is a guided & mentally active form of Meditation. This practice supports those who have trouble unwinding their minds and is a great activity to help control the thoughts and release the body.

BYO: Yoga mat and 2 large towels. We do lie down in this class but if you find this does not work for you it's fine to use a seat.

Starts 4th August, 10-11.30am, 8 Thursdays, $53


Please note this course is held in New Brighton, at the Union Parish Church.