Starts 16th May, 6.30-8pm, 2 Mondays, $18


Making your own fermented foods and drink is an easy way to improve your digestive health, use a surplus of veggies and save money. At this hands-on workshop you'll learn the essentials of how to ferment vegetables and make bread with a sourdough starter, as well as how to make cider vinegar and kombucha. Vanessa has cycled, recycled and upcycled for years. She loves the empowering feeling that comes from knowing your simple everyday lifestyle choices can improve your own life and that of the planet, and now combines her background in teaching with sharing her practical knowledge of sustainable living.

Please note you will need to bring some supplies with you! Session 1 you will need: A mixing bowl, grater, knife, chopping board, 1 or 2 wide-mouthed glass jars, some vegetables e.g.: cabbage, carrot, beetroot, daikon, cauliflower. For session 2: A glass jar / bottle if you'd like a kombucha scoby to take home.

Starts 16th May, 6.30-8pm, 2 Mondays, $18