Starts 18th May, 6-7.30 pm, 6 Wednesdays, $52


Lily White describes herself as an edible garden designer. She has been gardening organically for 40+ years and has done formal training at Ara. For at least 18 years she ran the Kids Edible Gardening programme and is now working on a Germinate Workbook.

This course will teach you about the basics of organic gardening, including the following topics: soil life and compost methods; permaculture principles and thinking; pests and diseases; alternative gardens, including raised beds and square foot gardens; propagation, including seed sowing, raising, cuttings and pruning; crop rotation, companion planting and intercropping. Lily has a wide range of experience and this course attempts to support your organic gardening and answer your queries.

It is a low-tech course that focuses on face-to-face teaching, accompanied by extensive handouts - enjoy some time away from screens.

 Starts 18th May, 6-7.30 pm, 6 Wednesdays, $52