Art as Activism: Create Change for 12yrs - 18 YEARS ONLY

Mon 8 Jul: 1pm - 3.30pm


Many NZ artists have used their art as a form of protest. Learn from the work Pat Hanly; an anti-nuclear activist and artists, who opposed French nuclear testing in the Pacific. Ralph Hotere whose Aramoana series protested a proposed aluminium smelter among those unique wetlands. Or his Black Union Jack painting protesting the South African Rugby tour during apartheid. Finally, artist Friedrich Hundertwasser's work designed to spread environmental messages to "save the rain and "save the whales".

So, if you want your art to make a difference and create change in the world, join Margaret in this workshop. She'll help you explore this type of art, develop your own slogans, artwork and typography that will make your art memorable and eye-catching. Use your work and the skills learned to create protest banners, posters or flyers for a cause that you believe in.