Starts 1st February, Thursday, 12.30-2pm


These are practical sessions where we start with open ended questions that lead to unexpected insights.  We work together, we share ideas and questions.  We figure out strategies for addressing all sorts of questions.  We find tools to use to explore different ideas. This is far removed from unhappy memories of trying to learn maths by rote.  You do not need to be good at maths - just willing to explore ideas.  


The sessions are not about teaching you, or telling you.  You will not have to remember stuff, nor recall stuff that is hard!  Thinking mathematically is about finding those "AHA" moments when ideas click in the brain.  It is about becoming confident in investigating all sorts of ideas with the help of others. Mathematics is a branch of philosophy where ideas are explored and tools for addressing practical problems are developed. For more information please contact Dr Elaine Mayo, 021993259 or