Starts 13th February, 11.15-12.45pm, 7 Tuesdays $60


Join us for this slower paced yoga ideal for those who have an injury or limited mobility or for those who have never tried Yoga before. It will include an option for using a chair/being seated as needed. Jen will assist you to find the most suitable way for your individual needs and always encourages students to work at their own pace. This class will be an ideal way to ease back into regular exercise in a safe and supportive environment. If you do have an injury or medical condition Jen does recommend that you speak to your doctor first. Jennifer was inspired by a trip to India with her hubby in 2000. Since then she has practised various yoga styles & meditation methods. She became a meditation teacher first & then a yoga student before completing a 200 hour yoga training course. She is now a fully qualified community yoga and meditation teacher. She loves helping people build on their strength and flexibility at their own pace, and from their own starting point. Please bring a yoga mat, two large towels or blocks, and wear comfortable clothing. If you are keen to explore meditation alongside your yoga practice talk to Jennifer.