Starts 31st January, 12.30-2.30pm


Israel is a land of salty lakes, arid deserts and constant conflict! A strategic and military centre-point of the world, and a Holy Land for all Abrahamic religions. A land contested for thousands of years, from Palestinians in the Ancient world, to Phoenicia, to Assyria, to Egyptians to Ottomans and many more back to modern Israel. As a land perhaps more fought over than any other, Israel is a country with a history stretching back into the mists of time. This course will take a historical and philosophical analysis of this conflicted nation as we tease out all the influences that have helped make this modern state the nation it is today - including the current Gaza conflict.


Michael Couch has been teaching community education courses for over a decade. With an academic background in Philosophy, Classical Studies, Education and History, he recently completed his PhD in the History of Philosophy of Education in New Zealand. He enjoys learning new topics and incorporates passion and wry humour into all the courses he teaches.