Tuesday 29 August, 19 Sept, from 6-7.30pm and 26th Sept, from 6-8pm


29 Aug: Women in Politics - Has the role of women in politics improved since their right to vote in 1893 or the first women MP was elected in 1933?  We've had three women Prime Ministers and in 2020 for the first time ever, women achieved a majority in the house over male MP’s.   However, they face incredible levels of vitriol.

  • What does this mean? 
  • How does it affect women who want to stand for Parliament?
  • What does it mean for the future?

19 Sep: Social Media and its' role in Democratic Debate - Social media  plays an increasing role in modern political discussion and in election campaigns.  People gain an understanding of political events from their interactions on Facebook, Twitter and other online forums. Instead of opening debate and participation, social media is being used to silence opponents and spread disinformation.  What does this mean for modern politics?

26 Sep: Meet the Candidates - Democracy is all about participation and representation. Meeting with parliamentary candidates is the best way for this to occur. Candidates from the main political parties will be present. Join us to ask your burning questions and explore the policies proposed by their parties.