Starts 19th May, 10am – 12noon, $70


Join Linda Hart to learn how to use tools to best effect and to collect a toolbox of skills and techniques that will equip you, the artist, to maximize your individual talent.

As a course, it is suitable for both experienced painters/artists and newbies alike. Linda is aware that painters are very much individuals, and as such has developed tactics and techniques which further their personal perception of what painting is.

The syllabus this year will be about 'what' and 'how'. For term 2 Linda says: “The emphasis in this course is about self-expression. To be a creative, you need a large stock of ideas and techniques available to enable you to express what you want to say. Our culture has tended to discourage self-expression as some sort of vanity. In my opinion, it's critical to find out what you need to say and to know how to do this for yourself. The big thing to remember is that no one else can do your painting for you. The onus is always on you to be the best possible artist you can personally be.  As such, art is never a competition. It's never a matter of copying anyone else or having some conventional preconception about what art is. It's purely about giving yourself permission to discover yourself through the art process. In terms of this course we will examine  what other painters have done and discuss why they chose to do this.  Therefore, along the way you, the artist, can absorb some of the concepts discussed which then may become part of your personal tool kit.”

Please bring a good quality sketch block and pencils, all other materials provided. Linda Hart has many years of experience in teaching, making and studying art and loves to support artists of any level with the next steps of their own artistic journey.