Starts 26th April, 10am-12pm


2023 is here and another election is on the way - a perfect time to develop your knowledge of New Zealand politics and government through the lens of political science!  

So, what is political science?  How do electorates work?  How does parliament work?  How democratic are we?  How did we get to MMP?  Can tails really get to wag the dog - and what does that mean? In this course we build on the basics of political philosophy to compare a range of governments around the modern world, as well as study the mechanics of how our own system works.  (This new course will welcome any particular questions that you may have)

 Michael Couch has been teaching community education courses for over a decade. With an academic background in Philosophy, Classical Studies, Education and History, he recently completed his PhD in the History of Philosophy of Education in New Zealand. He enjoys learning new topics, and incorporates passion and wry humour into all the courses he teaches.