Starts 2nd May, 11.15-12.45pm, 8 Tuesdays, $62


Join us for this open class for mixed abilities with a slower pace yoga that focuses on breathing & relaxation and is ideal for maturing bodies. It will include standing balances & other yoga poses where you work at your own pace. Jennifer will offer modifications when required (e.g. for injuries or limited mobility).

Jennifer was inspired by a trip to India with her hubby in 2000. Since then she has practised various yoga styles & meditation methods. She became a meditation teacher first & then a yoga student before completing a 200 hour yoga training course. She is now a fully qualified community yoga and meditation teacher. She loves helping people build on their strength and flexibility at their own pace, and from their own starting point.

Please bring a yoga mat, two large towels, and wear comfortable clothing. If you are keen to explore meditation alongside your yoga practice talk to Jennifer.