NATURALLY NATIVES: Gardening to Sustain Local Wildlife

Starts 1st June, 6.30-8pm, $34


Find out which plants grow naturally in your area and how to integrate them into new or existing gardens. Gain a deeper understanding of how native plants support Aotearoa’s unique biodiversity and learn practical methods of gardening that will nurture and support this diversity of life. What we plant and how we garden makes a difference. Discover some new and unusual plants and find out how your own garden can connect with others to help restore Ōtautahi’s rich and complex eco-systems. Charlotte is a Gardener at the Christchurch Botanic Gardens and prior to that worked for a number of years at Trees for Canterbury, a not-for-profit trust that grows native plants for ecological restoration. After studying at Lincoln University, she completed a horticultural apprenticeship with the Christchurch City Council. When she is not propagating native plants, Charlotte enjoys growing vegetables, fruit and flowers.