Starts 1st May, 6.30-8.30, 2 Mondays, $32


Learn how to create an environment that stimulates your child’s creativity, boosts confidence in their own abilities and enhances their enjoyment of life. Help shift their mindset over time from “I can’t do that” to “I want to try that” from “you need to show me how” to “I can work it out”. For children with a harsh inner critic or learning challenges – learn how to encourage them to persevere and to know when to switch activities to avoid overwhelm.


Einstein describes “creativity as the imagination having fun” and you will have fun and stimulate your own imagination along the way. Margaret combines theory with practice across the arts, crafts, literacy, nature and science underpinned by child development principles. This course will equip you with skills, techniques and resources that form a toolkit to sustain your child’s creative journey at key stages of their development. With over 12 years arts tutoring experience, another decades involvement with Playcentre and an art qualification, Margaret has the expertise to guide you in this process. Suitable for any adult with a child in their lives. Please note the class itself is for parents, grandparents and adult caregivers, not the children that they look after. No specialist skills required – art materials included.