WHY HUMANS ARE COMPELLED TO MAKE THEIR MARK Starts 5th May, 10-12 noon, 2 Fridays, $27


Join Linda Hart for this two part lecture: a potted history of why through time and circumstance people have always been compelled to make visual records representing reality as they experienced it. Knowing the human rationale for doing things is always valuable because it is part of our own story as a species. Session one will include the rationale behind: Cave painting, the Egyptian civilization, the Greco Roman civilization and Medieval Europe.

The second session will look at the rationale behind the age of enlightenment, then look at how art diverged from the description of how things looked and moved into putting emphasis on the creativity of the individual. Session 2 will look at the rationale behind Impressionism, Expressionism, Surrealism, Abstraction and Conceptual art. These sessions are limited to the development of Western art, as opening the brief to the cultures of Africa, China, Japan, Pacifica and the Americas would widen the scope of human achievement beyond the time available.

Linda is a passionate art historian who invites you to view well known artists in new ways. She has many years of experience in teaching, making and studying art and loves to share her knowledge with others.